Friday, June 4, 2010

The one piece of clothing that will always make you look put together

The ultimate. The perfect. The classic. The blazer. If you are a jeans and tee shirt kinda gal but want to feel a little more polished then all you really need to do is throw on a blazer. Nighttime? Add heels. Of course our favorite blazer of the moment is our very own Escalara. It's taking my jeans and tank to the next level today.

The laddered detail adds extra "pazow" that you can't get in an ordinary blazer. The black one is even on sale at Saks right now!

(right here:

Enough shameless promotion... we can't all be wearing Leyendecker all the time (although we try). Wanna know an easy blazer cheat? Goodwill little boys section. Ten bucks tops. Shhhhhh didn't hear it from me.

White always hits hard this time of year and this summer it's even more over the top. Lisa only wants to wear white every day now... Jessica and Lisa are designing Resort 11 right now and it's all white so far. White White White! And Lace. Lots of both please.

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