Friday, May 27, 2011

Obsession: Snow Leopard Print

Obvi, we love Leopard print. Who doesn't? But for Spring, we wanted to find a leopard that didn't look too heavy, dark, or Fall-ish, so we looked to, (where else?) winter. Bright whites and light greys mixed with black - that's the kind of leopard we want to wear in the warmer months. And so, we found a super femme and fab snow leopard print silk fabric and it's been blowing off the shelves of Barney's and the like. LOVE snow leopard.

And theeeeeennnn, we found THIS. A snow leopard BIKINI. OMObsessed.

It's from a cool line called Tavik and we just love the unusual box-cut top (we do that a lot) and sexy briefs (once an oxymoron, it's not anymore, thanks to Tavik).

Will you be in bathing suit for the Memorial Day weekend? You bet both of us will be twinsies in this baby.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Let me introduce you to yet another creative Leyendecker pal..Ashley Chafin

Ashley lives in Los Angeles. She is a very talented artist with a love of four-legged friends. Her pet portraits are some of my favorite pieces. They have so much personality and flare! They look adorable with pretty much any decor and are great gifts! In fact, the last painting was a special gift from the artist. It's of Rolo (rip)..he was my chihuahua before Mars.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Model Obsession: Abbey Lee Kershaw & Her Killer Band

So this is why model Abbey Lee Kershaw was not on the catwalks this past season: Our Mountain!

Abbey Lee has taken a break as the face of Gucci and Tom Ford to rock out on keys, tambourine and sing with her boyfriend in the new Aussie band. "You are the woman that I adore" sings her bf and lead Matthew Hutchinson a la Bowie in their first single. Must agree, we do adore Abbey Lee!

The UK's Telegraph has video and an interview with the band. Listen! And, tell us, what do you think?

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Obsession: NARS Chihuahua Lip Gloss

So yes, we have a strong and irresistible obsession with Chihuahua's. Mostly our own Chichi's, but Chiuahua's in general just strike us as the most uber cutest pups on the planet that we inexplicably cannot get enough of. So is it coincidence (Kismet? Luck? Chance?) that of all the lip glosses on the planet (there are roughly 3 million, in our guesstimates), we've fallen for one called Chihuahua? The perfect nude, NARS has formulated a non-gooey gloss that complements every single skin shade and every single Chihuahua lover and even Chihuahua haters!

We got ours at Saks Fifth Avenue, but you can also get it at Sephora.

Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Wear It: The Sleeveless Trench

We created this sleeveless trench dress out of a desire for functionality. It has that safari-like feel, super luxurious silk fabric, and a cut that actually offers for more than a few ways of wearing it. In our lookbook, we styled the Spring piece as a dress, knotted at the waist and all on its own. Which is great! Obviously. But just in case it gets lonely and wants the company of other clothes, here are 4 more ways to wear it:

1. Replace your work blazer:
Wear open and tie the belt in the back and pair with a low-cut scoop tank and long flared trousers with your favorite platforms.

2. Instead of a boyfriend cardigan:
Let the belt hang down and unbutton the piece. Super skinny jeans and a beat up, oversized tee with oxfords or moto boots complete the look.

3. Over another dress:
We love playing with hem lengths and urge creativity with this. Open and over a maxi and with your favorite summer sandals, it's sure to be a hit.

4. Go glam:
Deck out this trench with a fancy pair of metallic sandals, woven leather clutch and glamorous cocktail jewelry for an unexpected style statement at your next cocktail party. Oh, and, cinch that belt super tight.

5. Fall for layering options:
We can't wait to transition the trench dress into our fall wardrobes. We'll wear a thick cashmere sweater underneath it, as well as grey opaque tights, and pair it with a leopard scarf ankle boots.

The real question is, how will you wear it? Tell us your ideal outfit with the trench dress below!
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