Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Complimentary Yours: "My My That's A Pretty Dress!"

Ever notice that whenever you wear a piece of Leyendecker, you're always getting compliments? We really intend for that to happen, so when we hear that that's what actually happens, it makes our lives, like, worth living.

Recently, our friend Kimmy, debuted her brand new Suburbia dress (shown above and available now at for $275) to much fanfare, and we can't help but share. We hope you'll share your favorite Leyendecker compliments too, in the comments below!

"The sheer dress is an eye catcher for sure, wherever you are, and I had happily taken in many envious glances from girls and raised eyebrows from boys all day. But I was leaving a busy Starbucks where a group of men were hanging out at a table just outside the door. These guys were in their 30s and 40s and not the kind of men who you'd think would cat call. But the oldest one stopped mid sentence, pulled his sunglasses down his nose, and yelled out as I walked by 'My, my that's a pretty dress. A VERY pretty dress.' Of course, all the men at the table proceeded to look at what he was talking about and all of them had something to say about it. But all of them agreed 'A very pretty dress.' And they were right! I wasn't slutty, or revealing too much! I was just pretty in my pretty dress! I heard them echo "Very Pretty Dress" as I walked across the parking lot, and got in my car, smiling the whole time."

A pretty dress, indeed. Who was the last person to compliment you on a piece of Leyendecker?
What happened? Tell us below! We'll re-post our favorite answers!

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