Friday, June 10, 2011

Complimentary Yours: Crochet That Humbles Hipsters

All it took was the removal of her Miu Miu sunglasses to invite in the compliments of a group of dudes at the local breakfast spot. There is something about wearing Leyendecker that ALWAYS warrants compliments from strangers. We just died when we heard this incredible story from our friend, Zoe.

"Obviously clad in Leyendecker, I arrived arrived early, before my friend, and took a spot next to a group of boy hipsters and as soon as my sunnies came off, one of the guys (who had amazing style) leaned towards me and was like, 'Hey you must be in fashion, that is such an amazing top.' I looked surprised because I'm actually not at all in the fashion industry and I told him so. Then his friend said 'Oh, are you a musician? An artist? A writer?' I sell pharmaceuticals, so no. But I asked 'so all this because of my top?' and they, as a group, all agreed 'It's hot.' It was super cute to see this group of hipsters humbled and honest and well, cute! All thanks to the power of a super cute crochet top."

What attention has wearing Leyendecker brought you? Tell us!

1 comment:

  1. love this story! I need some pieces asap and entered the giveaway so I am crossing my fingers!!!


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